Join the Echinoderm-L Listserv!

A mailing list to facilitate discussion and interaction among echinoderm researchers!

Dear colleagues!

I am certainly not the only one nor the first to feel that it would be great to be able to somehow reach many echinoderm workers at the same time. After talking to a number of people I have decided to do something about it and I have now opened a mailing list for echinoderm scientists. The list is open to anyone  conducting research on echinoderms, living and fossil. It is intended as an easy way to communicate information of any kind, e.g. announcements about meetings, and of course for the discussion of any scientific subject with relevance to echinoderms. For this to work, many people have to join the list. Therefore, I want to invite all of you to subscribe to the echinoderm mailing list ECHINODERM-L, hosted at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. You do so by sending an email to

with the first line in the body of the message containing the command:

SUBSCRIBE ECHINODERM-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

do not include any other text and leave the subject line empty. Your subscription will be acknowledged by a text providing detailed  information about the list and its operation. If you experience any problems with joining the list, you may contact me directly at  After you have subscribed to the list you can send messages to all  participants at

I will make every effort to keep this list free from unwanted messages (spam) and hope that this will not prove an unmanagable task.

With best regards

Sabine Stoehr, PhD

Curator of echinoderms

Swedish Museum of Natural History

Box 50007

SE-104 05 Stockholm