We are always striving to add new, interesting and informative sections  to the Newsletter. Please consider contributing to our 'old favorites,' as well as some of the sections we are considering in the future.

Contribute photos of unidentified echinoderms you would like to ask your  colleagues about !

Do you have any images of 'famous' echinodermologists? We hope to have a 'potrait gallery' in the next Newsletter!

Do you know about the life and research of a 'famous'  echinodermologist? We would like to continue this section!

Do  you have further contributions to the Urchin Records, or similar  factoids on other Classes? We are interested in continuing this section!

We are attempting to make the Newsletter as current as possible.  If you know of researchers who are no longer involved in echinoderm research, please let us know so that we can remove their name.